Sunday, October 14, 2018

Royality Free Music and my Upcoming VFX Video

I used to create the music for my no-low budget movies myself, but lately I realized there's wonderful royalty free/Creative Commons music which is better,  maybe unless I needed something to fit exactly some special too specific timing, consistent style or emotion that was hard to find already made, like with the percussion track that I enjoyed composing (developing) for "Stoichko Hristov 4".

Two pieces of the artist MK2 fit amazingly my short experimental parody-bodybuilding video "Introducing Arnaud in Sozopol".

Recently I've been completing a much longer and sophisticated music video, consisting of a heavy use of simple, but I'd say pretty visual effects. It includes only one short piece of my and the rest of the music is by several other real composers.

One of them is Kevin MacLeod.

Check his music there:

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