Saturday, November 24, 2018

Star Symphony in Chepelare - Poetic Music Video | Звездна симфония в Чепеларе

An unreal star storm in the forests of the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria (Български)

A moment from "Star Symphony in Chepelare"

Action Version (2:45 min, one musical piece+)

Mini Version - Perseids in Chepelare, 3:44 min, the song "Voyage"

  Short version (9:39 min, 4 musical pieces)

Long Version (12:48 min, 6 musical pieces)

The premiere of my new music video - a poetic and artistic production with beautiful 2D visual effects, produced using computer vision for automatic compositing, masks generation etc. It is rendered in several versions: long director's cut (12:48) and all 6 musical pieces; short (9:39) - 4 pieces, mini and action - both with only one piece and less than 4 and 3 minutes respectively.

Watch in darkness and on a big screen in 1920x1080 and share if you like it!

Невероятна звездна буря, видяна от горите на Родопите. Поетичен музикален филм. Дълга режисьорска версия - 12:48 минути, 6 музикални пиеси и всички природни дневни сцени и хореография. Кратка версия - с 9:39 минути, съкратена дневна част и 4 пиеси. Филмът включва красиви двуизмерни визуални ефекти и употреба на компютърно зрение.

Гледайте на тъмно и на голям екран на 1920х1080 и споделете, ако ви харесва! Видео в Ютюб с надписи на български

A view to the Perseids from the hills around Chepelare

Reviews by the first viewers

  • Very beautiful! Mighty! Are the stars real?

  • How did you put on the stars?

  • Cool film! Did you filmed whole night long?

  • Wonderful sky!

  • The *** is a great hit! I've been hiking in that area tenths of times and have never seen one.

  • I liked it! The music as well, especially in the first part.

  • It's really very beautiful!

  • The movie displays the beauty of Bulgaria. The way you've filmed the *** is amazing, it seems like it was tracked by a drone.

  • Very beautiful, the sounds when *** were unique. The shots in the forests were unique as well, very beautiful.

  • The Eagle from "Star Symphony in Chepelare"

    The hero in "Star Symphony in Chepelare" - Toshio - is climbing the Olympic* peak

    Action Version (2:45 min, one musical piece+)

    Mini Version - Perseids in Chepelare, 3:44 min, the song "Voyage"

      Short version (9:39 min, 4 musical pieces)

    Long Version (12:48 min, 6 musical pieces)


    An unreal star storm seen from the forests of the Rhodope mountains. Long version - "director's cut" -12:48 vs 9:39, includes all 6 musical pieces and the complete day-time sequence - see it in the video.

    LEMMiNO - Voyage (CC 4.0)
    MK2 - Hero Theme (CC)
    MK2 - Far Away (CC)
    Kevin MacLeod - Prelude and Action (CC 3.0)
    Kevin MacLeod - Fanfare for Space (CC 3.0)
    Todor Arnaudov - Angel vs Terminator (originally from the documentary "Angel vs Terminator")

    Filmed in Chepelare, Bulgaria and other woods in the Rhodopes


    Todor "Tosh" Arnaudov (Twenkid Studio) - author/imagined by, director, editor, performer as "the hero", designer and developer of the video editing and visual effects software for the movie - "Twenkid FX Studio", sound editor and author of the special sound effects, composer/performer of the final music piece etc.

    Produced by: Todor Arnaudov and "Arnaudov Brothers"

    Location choice (Chepelare) and accommodation: Alexander Arnaudov, one of the brothers in "Arnaudov Brothers"

    Camera: Canon Legria R78 (similar to Canon Vixia R700 and other models like R600, R800)

    To be continued...

    See more titles, thanks and technical information in the video's titles.


      Part I. "Аt the Olympic Peak" , or "Arnaud at the Olympic peak" @0:00 - 3:33

      Transition: @3:35 - 4:20

      Part II. Star Symphony in Chepelare @4:20 - 12:47

    This edition's date: 22.11.2018

    Todor is looking for sponsors, producers, co-producers and other movie-making partners. Contact me here or reach me elsewhere online, such as twenkid @ gmail

      Thanks for watching and stay tuned!


    Тhe video is (C) Todor Arnaudov, 2018, All rights reserved.

    The sound effects and the last music piece, which are originally produced by Todor, are (C) Todor Arnaudov, All rights reserved

    Music by the other authors is licensed under Creative Commons by the other respective authors.

    "Voyage" is split in the long version in order to match the video timing.

    Kevin MacLeod's Music @ Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

    The video editions are from 22.11.2018 and are subject for an eventual future refinement and other versions.

    The VFX could be more realistic and with more optical effects, more dynamic background of some of the sequences, more details, more varying sky for some locations; some action video segments could be stabilized (see in the video) - well, I leave it for "future work", as it's said in the academic papers...

    P.S. BTW, that video is also a kind of a "Renaissance Person Manifesto", see above.


    "Звездна симфония в Чепеларе", дълга режисьорска версия с част I: "На Олимпийския връх", или "A'рнауд на Олимпийския връх". Поетичен, артистичен музикален видеоклип, музикален филм с 6 пиеси (4 в съкратената разновидност, в която въведението е съкратено).

    Keywords: Chepelare, Eagle, Stars, Meteors, Perseids, Bodybuilding, Bulgaria, Rhodopes, Forest, Nature, Space, Falling stars, Arnaud, Todor Arnaudov, Twenkid, Tosh, Music, Symphony, MK2, LEMMiNO, Kevin MacLeod, Action Posing, Muscles, Lats, Night scenes, hooded crow, Corvus cornix, Чепеларе, Орел, Звезди, метеори, падащи звезди, Персеиди, културизъм, бодибилдинг, България, Родопи, гора, нощ, природа, позиране, мускули, гръб, перки, гарван, гарга, борове, timelapse, Canon Legria R78, Vixia R700, Crow, планини, Mountains, CGI, 2D

    Мнения на първите зрители

  • Много красиво! Зверско е! Звездите истински ли са?

  • Как сложи звездите? Яко е.

  • *** е много як, голямо попадение е. Такива неща рядко се появяват. Ходил съм в тази област на Родопите десетки пъти и никога не съм виждал. 

  • Браво бе, готин филм! Цяла нощ ли снима? 

  • Харесаха ми ***. Никога не съм виждал *** на живо, само в една изложба и в зоологическата градина.

  • Хареса ми, браво! И музиката, особено в първата част! Поздравления!

  • Mного e красиво, наистина!

  • Прекрасно небе!

  • Филмът показва красотата на България. [***] Колко е величествен! Как се снима ***?! Все едно си го снимал с дрон! Иска се техника [умение], за това!

  • Доста красиво. Най-много ми хареса [моментът], когато всичко *** . И музиката, и звуците [тогава] бяха уникални. Самите кадри в гората [също] бяха уникални. Много красиви

  • Яко е!