Friday, May 4, 2018

Introducing Arnaud in Sozopol - the Аrt of Bodybuilding | Представяне на Арнауд в Созопол - Културизъм в Созопол

The new Art form and a recent character:

The yet young bodybuilder Arnaud (Todorov?)

It's pronounced A'rnaud [Ah-rnahuhd]

Notes for the record:

Actually I'm not in that shape from now, rather being in a similar one for a few years, with varying mass for various muscle groups, though, and I haven't had posed in public. However recently my body switched to "beast mode" and I hope to keep myself in it, so I'm expecting to make a difference in several months. 
Well, I'd better tell more once the character would give a "real interview". ;)

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