Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stoichko Hristov - a character, inspired by Hristo Stoichkov

Stoichko Hristov - a character, inspired by Hristo Stoichkov from Todor Arnaudov on Vimeo.

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Johny Johnson from South Asian News
Stoichko Hristov - head coach of Pacific Super Stars
Created by Tosh.

Comments about football, fair play, Thierry Henry hand assistance against Ireland; USA World Cup 1994 and the penalty against Italy that wasn't marked by the referee; the football in general.

Stoichko is inspired by Hristo Stoichkov and a few of his interviews, that became popular in Bulgaria recently, by their strong accent. However, they were very funny also with Stoichkov's confidence.

BTW, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Hristo Stoichkov, many people are speaking against him, I'm not - this video is a joke, not an offense. He is the greatest Bulgarian football player and one of the greatest in the world, I like him. Besides, if you manage to understand what my character says - it's not a non-sense, just this is his own style of speech. No fairplay - not good for the world...

Today Stoichkov is the head coach of a team in South Africa, called Mamelody Sundowns.


Един образ, вдъхновен от Христо Стоичков. :)
Стоичков си остава най-великият български футболист, само като се замисли човек колко различни купи има, освен че е човек с характер, който казва истината в очите. Аз съм му фен! Акцентът е забавен и интересен за изиграване, и това е шега, а не обида срещу Стоичков.

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