Monday, November 23, 2009

Фантазьори и авантюристи правят великите открития | Dreamers and Аdventurers Make the Great Discoveries

Todor Arnaudov: I'll create a thinking machine that will self-improve.
Dreamers and adventurers make the great discoveries. The sceptics' job is to deny their visions, and eventually not to believe their eyes.

An interview I gave for "Obekti" magazine about Artificial General Intelligence and the research I do in this direction.

Четете в брой 5, ноември/декември на списание "Обекти"!

Keywords: Artificial General Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Thinking Machines, Seed Intelligence, Bottom-top approach, Self-improving AGI, AI, Artificial intelligence, Researchers in AG, Todor Arnaudov, Изкуствен интелект, универсален изкуствен интелект, мислещи машини, изкуствен разум

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